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North Kansas City High School
Class of 1964 - Who We Are

(1964 Graduate)
Tom Williams Has Provided The Perfect Definition

That`s simple. We are Hornets and over 800 strong. We are classmates from the largest class in the history of North Kansas City Senior High School (until that upstart group from 1965 came along). We are Baby Boomers. We are individuals, and we are one.

Our accomplishments are as varied as our last names. We have worked in Agriculture, Advertising, Broadcasting and Business. Education, Entertainment, Food Services and the Financial World have kept many of us busy. Some have made their way in Medicine, Manufacturing, or the Military; while others have worked in Publishing, Sales, and Sports. And it’s nice to know Religion has firm ground in the Class of ’64.

We are: Accountants & Administrators – Actors, Artists & Authors – Athletes & Adventurers. We are: Bankers, Builders & Business Owners. We are: Care Givers, Chefs, Coaches & Cooks. We are: Dentists & Doctors - Educators, Engineers, Entertainers & Explorers. We are: Farmers, Home Bodies, Home Makers (a noble endeavor) & Humanitarians. We are: Inventors, Lawyers, Manufacturers, Mechanics & Musicians. We are: Nurses, Pastors, Pilots & Poets (but some of us don’t know it). We are: Policemen, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Promoters & Publishers – Sales People, Secretaries & Scientists. We are: Teachers, Technicians, Truck Drivers & Veterans. We are: Mothers & Fathers - Grandmothers & Grandfathers.

But, most importantly, We are Friends.

Old and new, Lost and found. After Fifty Years, we have Common ground."

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